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IAPK purpose

The main objective of the Association is a recognition of a Pražský krysařík breed.


11.09.10    Pražský krysařík advertising

Thinking about the history of Czech cynology you realize that it is very long, interesting and that there are two breed that stick out above others – Český Fousek and Pražský krysařík. Those two very different breeds have a lot in common. They both date back to Charles IV times, both are bred all over the world and represent Czech Republic. Český Fousek was recognized by FCI in 1964. The process of recognition wasn't easy. Other countries also had their rough haired pointers & didn't welcome new competition. Pražský krysařík is still to apply for its FCI recognition. Such a process couldn't start without a careful preparation of materials describing its history and present.

On 9th September 2010 representatives of Pražský krysařík club met with ČMKU president MVDr. Široký and handed him over such materials. We may devide them into two categories. The first part is designated for Euro Dog Show in Cejle. MVDr. Široký will be handing them over to representatives of different countries that will later attend meeting of the FCI european section. Second category consists of material that is at the level of professional publications. It is beautifully made history of Pražský krysařík with contemporary pictures and breed standard. Materials are translated into many foreign languages. The publication is for FCI breed recognition purposes. If you ever tried to put such publication together you realize how much work the preparation of such materials takes.

The final recognition will be up to FCI. However it is obvious that the club is doing maximum and handed ČMKU material that don't have to be ashamed of, at the contrary - should be proud of.

Vladimíra Tichá


19.08.10    The International Association of Pražský krysařík was registered 18th August 2010 by Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. This is an important step that will ease cooperation of International breeders of this lovely breed that is gaining more & more popularity all over the world.

Congratulations to the Club of Pražský krysařík of Czech Republic to an excellent approach. We wish the Association helps the Pražský krysařík breed to its FCI recognition.

Vladimíra Tichá

ČMKU spokeswoman

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